Product and Background

  • Well known brand consumer goods
  • Based in a regional area
  • When first engaging with me the Google Ads account had a very basic setup and very few sales had been generated through the website

Ad Goals

  • To sell products online to complement a new retail store
  • Increase brand awareness


When I took over the account the results had been:

Total sales of less than $2,000 with a return on ad spend of 1.32

For the first 6 months after I took over the account results were:

Sales of just over $250,000 with a return on Ad spend of 5.2

We restructured the Google Shopping campaigns using strategic and intricate techniques. For example we created campaigns for each product category and Adgroups for each individual products. The detailed structure allowed me to focus on promoting the products that were the most competitively priced and those with the highest margins. Isolating keywords indicating a consumer was in the buying phase, not the research phase kept ad spend low, and using highly specific ad copy led to improved click through rates, conversion rates and lower click costs.

The rapid increase in highly profitable sales has allowed the company to open a large retail outlet in a major capital city.

Sales for the last 18 months have been

Approximately $3,000,000 with a return on Ad spend of 12.03.
This is 9 times more cost effective than before I took over the account.

The company is growing profitably and rapidly largely based on the Google Ads performance.

It quickly became clear that the online store had huge potential and was highly profitable with the improved Google Ads setup.

Kim Dawson

Google Ads Specialist

Strategy and Action

  • Focusing on multiple Google Shopping campaigns that promoted their most competitively priced products.
  • Targeting people in the purchasing phase rather than the researching phase.
  • Using manual campaign and priority settings rather than automated Google bidding strategies so that I have more control over the cost effectiveness of campaigns. This allowed me to bid on specific product keywords that were more likely to generate sales.
  • Highly relevant and targeted campaigns attract a higher Google quality score, resulting in higher positions and lower click costs.

  • Using thousands of well thought out keywords in the correct match type along with thousands of negative allowed me to target the exact product and the specific time a customer was ready to buy. For example mentioning the exact model and colour a person is interested in within specific ads, rather than wasting money on generic keywords leading to more generic ads.
  • Working closely with the client to identify what is and isn’t working well, monitoring competition, market changes and seasonality to take advantage of opportunities through constant account adjustments.